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Click Artist is a web platform accessible to all, without the need for registration. The site is responsible for offering a space to the music artists of all kinds, in which to insert their own data and to be easily traceable by the public of the Web.
Each personal page has a short biography, links to the main social media and its works.
Click Artist takes care of making easy and fast the search, not only of artists but also of record labels, events, music schools, recording rooms.
Recently the platform has been enriched with a section dedicated to the lyrics of songs, radios and TV channels that deal with music.
In addition, you can find links to entire albums and official video clips of each song.
For more information about the Click Artist platform please contact us.

Mihail Ottelli, director,founder and management of Click Artist

Category: Director, Founder,Management “Click Artist” 

Name: Mihail

Surname: Ottelli

Date and place of birth: 25 May 1989 Artogne -Brescia-Italy EU

Residence: Viale Santuario 24050, Pumenengo-Bergamo-Italy EU

Educational qualification: Diploma of higher education Istituto D’istruzione Superiore Vincenzo Dandolo Bargnano di Corzano, Brescia-Lombardy-Italy EU

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  • Ilario Mazzoleni (Collaborator)
  • Tamara Victory Mussio (Collaborator)
  • Giuseppe D’Ausilio (Editor)
  • Piero Giuseppe Sala (Collaborator)
  • Alessandro Cau (Editor)
  • Monica Falconi (Editor)
  • Claudia Candidi (Editor)

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