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26 Agost 2020

New chat section from tidio we switched to Facebook Messenger to be able to respond to users more immediately

10 June 2020

After some reflection we have opted for the introduction of external images also for record labels

9 September 2019

With the last weekly update there are 2 big news
that simplify the site.
We have taken steps to introduce a new category called books, (where the official books will be published) for all the artist pages and we have taken steps to insert the regions and states of America section for a better subdivision of theaters and shops.

July 30, 2019

On the events page, the events will no longer be divided by logo but by state as it is much clearer and more understandable.

29 July 2019

From today a novelty is available on the website in the various pages dedicated to the albums, as well as the images on the covers, the images on the back of the CD itself and the image of the CD will be available.

Soon we are considering to introduce the following implementation also for the section dedicated to individuals but more difficult to implement as many are only available online and not as a physical part.

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