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Update 30 June 2018/5 August 2018

  • Update page artist Ellie Goulding
  • Update profile image size setting (Ellie Goulding)
  • Delete category number album (Ellie Goulding)
  • Delete Google + social networks (Ellie Goulding)
  • Introducing new categories (albums, singles, related artists, events, Store) (Ellie Goulding)
  • Update Category Contacts (Ellie Goulding)
  • Enabled the comments section. (Ellie Goulding)
  • New 2011 Event Page Amici Di Maria De Filippi 2011
  • New Page Artist Virginio
  • New Song “Semplifica” (Virginio)
  • Deleted advertising on the page dedicated to record labels
  • Updated Sanremo 2006 Logo
  • Updated Menu letter V
  • Upgrading menagement IMean Music & Menagement record label and with the introduction of Virgilio
  • Deleted advertising page Music Competition
  • New Page Claudio Baglioni
  • New page “50 Anni Al Centro” Album
  • Update page artist Alvaro Soler
  • Introduction category albums, singles (Alvaro Soler)
  • Enabled the comments section page (Alvaro Soler)

Update 23/29 June 2018

  • Clickartist Global Map Update on the homepage.-New artist Cristina D’Avena introduced
    -Update placeholder icon: Union J – Ellie Goulding – Jaims Blunt – Jastin Bieber – Valerio Scanu – Michele Bravi – Michele Perniola – Marco Mengoni – Enrico Nigiotti – Irene Fornaciari -Irene Grandi – The Script – Paola Turci
  • New Artist Muse (Muse)
  • Event Update TRL Award 2010 With the introduction of all the artists who took part in the event. proceeded to insert the following event in the artist pages
  • Enabled comments in artist page Malika Ayane (Malika Ayane)
  • Updated full page artist Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber)
  • New Moscow Mule | Acoustic Version (Benji & Fede)
  • Update page Benji & Fede
  • Completed page Albun Fatti Sentire (Laura Pausini)
  • Further improvements and stability fixes

Update 16/22 July 2018

  • New song “Alive ” (Union J)
  • New record label “RU Listening Ltd
  • General update with introduction of new record labels on the above page
  • Update of record labels with the introduction in the name of the country of provenance.
  • Updating profile image (Union J)
  • Embellishment image cover (Union J)
  • Update dates of birth conmponenti musical group. (Union J)
  • Delete Residency category. (Union J)
  • Update Components musical group (Union J)
  • Update current record label deleting category no music albums. (Union J)
  • Enabled comments in the artist Page “Union J ” (Union J)
  • Introduction Category Album and individual new artist logo “Union J ” (Union J)
  • Update category “Contacts and Store ” (Union J)
  • Updating profile image George Shelley 2018 (George Shelley)
  • Introduction of all the artist categories.(George Shelley)
  • New song “Sconosciuti Da Una Vita ” (JAX – Fedez)
  • New record label “Newtopia
  • Update artist page “JAX – Fedez ” With introduction category “Record label” (JAX – Fedez)
  • Introduction Video Channel (JAX – Fedez)
  • Introduction Albums and Singles (JAX – Fedez)
  • New single ” Riccione ” (Thegiornalisti)
  • New Album “Duets | Everyone sings Cristina” (Cristina D’Avena)
  • New Artist Cristina D’Avena
  • Event Update Wind Music Awards 2018
  • Sony Music Entertainment Italy Record Label update
  • Further improvements and stability fixes

Update 9/15 July 2018

  • Update Home Page
  • New Song “Nuevo” (laura pausini)
  • New song “Frasi A Metà” (Laura Pausini)
  • New Album “Novo” (Laura Pausini)
  • Laura Pausini Page Comments Enabled (Laura Pausini)
  • Updated Events Section Page “Guè Pequeno” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New Song “Milionaire” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Updated Newsletter Page now without advertising that made it difficult to subscribe to our understanding.
  • Chat assistance clickartist.one updated with new graphics and improved in settings.
  • New Song “Lamborghini RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New Song “Lamborghini German RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New song “Lamborghini Swiss RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Updated page “Sfera Ebbasta” with introduction new category “Singles” various fixes and enhancements page “Sfera Ebbasta” (Sfera Ebbasta)
  • Update page “Elettra Lamborghini ” with introduction cover image and profile picture, updated the events and further improvements and fixes. (Elettra Lamborghini)
  • Updated page “Wind Summer Festival 2018
  • General update website with rss introduction.
  • Update albums page “Siamo Solo Noise | Delux Edition “now the visibility of the image album is larger, complete all texts with related video album. (Benji & Fede)
  • New Song “Moscow Mule” (Benji & Fede)
  • Update album “Siamo Solo Noise” with completion intro songs and videos. (Benji& Fede)
  • Update page “Benji & Fede” (Benji&Fede)
  • Updated page “Laura Pausini” (Laura Pausini)
  • Full update blog
  • General update page “Guè Pequeno ” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Additional fixes and improvements of the website

Update 2/8 July 2018

  • In this week we have focused on the development of a new brand clickartist.one / that will be published soon.
  • Fixes errors and various enhancements.

Update 25 June /1 July 2018

  • New  album page “Wanted” insertion image covers album singles in artist insertion new event Wind Music Awards 2018 ( Zucchero )
  • Introduction Web site UfficialeAggiornamento Social Network ( Zucchero )
  • New Single Category ( Zucchero )
  • Update Video Channels ( Zucchero )
  • Accommodation link album error 404 update album category (Fabrizio Moro)
  • Further improvements and fixes
  • Special Pride Week 2018

Update 18/24 June 2018

  • Nickelodeon Page Creation SlimFest 2018
  • New Artist Pages
    Artists:Biondo, Federica Carta, Mosè, Elettra Lamborghini”
    Events:Amici Di Maria De Filippi 2018
  • Update menu artist “B-F-M-L “
  • Update Maria De Filippi’s friends page 2017
  • Update song page “Irraggiungibile” have now activated the profile page artist ” Federica Carta “
  • Page “Rocco Hunt” the “category ” is now right-aligned, adding events, introducing albums, further improvements and fixes.
  • Sony Music Italy page update with the introduction of the artist “Rocco Hunt”
  • Fixed error link artists list “Festival Show 2017 “
  • Further improvements and site fixes.

Update 11/17 June 2018

  • Correction Map view page “Sony Music Latin ” Now the satellite map is displayed.
  • Update map on the Homepage
  • Insertion of new advertising badges.
  • Updated the advertising page with Linserimento of all the companies present in the advertisements on their site.
  • Song of the week Alessandro Casillo with its dedicated page and update artist page.
  • Updated CNCO page with insert album and singles section
  • More news and site fixes

Update 4/10 June 2018

  • Correction link artist Riki on the label page “Sony Music Italy ” (Major: Sony Music Entertainment) clicking on the profile image refers to the page dedicated to the artist “Francesco Renga ”
  • New Page CNCO
  • Update and Introduzzione in the list “record labels ” of the “Carousel Records ”
  • Update and fix Errors Riki artist page: Activated the comments section, introduced the Album and singles section.
  • Further fixes and various improvements.

Update 28 May/3 June 2018

  • Artist of the Week “Backstreet Boys“
  • Song of the Week: Don’t Go breaking My Heart insertion in map Home Page artist “Backstreet Boys “
  • Home Page Update
  • Update category letter “B “
  • Update record label “Sony Music Entertainment – RCA Records ” With the introduction of the Backstreet Boys Group
  • Fixed error with event “Levi’s Onstage Awards 2018 ” and RELATED links.
  • Further improvements and fixes.

Update 21/27 May 2018

  • Artist of the Week “Nero Bali | Elodie, Michele Bravi, Guè Pequeno “
  • Update record label “Panik Record” with new artist introduction “Eleni Foureira” and update artist page.
  • Update event page “Eurovision Song Contest 2018“
  • Introduction artist “Eleni Foureira” in the artist menu letters E
  • New song “Fuego“
  • Introducing PopHp Facebook to be able to follow the page Facebook Click Artist
  • Post Blog URL substitution for quick intuition and better indexing of web search engines, now in the URL will be visible the same name of the article
  • Social Network Facebook: All articles published in Click Artist Blog will be published in the homonymous group Uggiciale Facebook
  • Migliramenti and Correzuioni Miscellaneous.

Update 14/20 May 2018

  • Video of the week “Toy” by the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
  • Page creation :
    Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2018
    Album:Eurovision Song Contest 2018
    Song:Toy, Toy Remix, Toy Remix 2
    Artist: Netta
  • New page dedicated to the record label “Tedy Productions“
  • Click Artist Map Update on the Homepage
  • Update page “Le Deva ”
  • With edit to the section: Music Streaming and new single introduction ” L’Estate Tutto L’anno“
  • New song of the band “Le Deva ” entitled “L’Estate Tutto L’Anno” (May 18, 2018)
  • Correction section “Music Theatre” with unification of Portugal in Europe
  • Introduced the EU abbreviation in the descriptions of the Logos “Music Theatre” of the European Union
  • Update page “Music Theaters” with the introduction of:

DirecTV Arena | AR
Allianz Parque | ARG
Jeunesse Arena | BR
Movistar Arena | SANTIAGO CL/UE
Palacio Vistalegre Arena | MADRID ES/UE
3 Arena Pantone | DUBLIN IE/EU
Lotto Arena Antewerpen BE/UE
Alcatraz Milano | MILAN ITA/UE
Saint Jordi Club | BARCELLONA ES/EU
Arena CD De Mexico | MX
Arena Monterrey | MX
Hallenstadion | CH
California Mid State Fair | USA
Metro Radio Arena | NEWCASTLE UK
Arena Birmingham | BIRMINGHAM UK
The O2 Arena | UK
Wembley Stadium UK

Update 7/13 May 2018

  • Update Click Artist
  • New song page “Non Te be vai Mai“
  • Introduced the album “Thomas 18 Edition”
  • Update page artist “Thomas“
  • Update page “Music Theaters” with the introduction of:

Creberg Teatro Bergamo | BERGAMO ITA,
Gran Teatro Morato | BRESCIA ITA,
Teatro Della Luna | MILAN ITA,
Teatro Del Verme | MILAN ITA,
Nelson Mandela Forum | FLORENCE ITA,
Mediolanum Forum | ASSAGO ITA,
Teatro Manzoni | MILAN ITA,
Unipol Arena | BOLOGNA ITA,
Kioene Arena | PADUA ITA,
Teatro Degli Arcimboldi | MILAN ITA

  • Website Update – Motto Introduction (version: Web, Mobile)
  • Update page Info section “Plugin”

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