Shere This:

2 September 2019 / 8 September 2019

  • New single “Lover” (Taylor Swift)
  • New theater “teatro Ganandrea Gavazeni”
  • new album “Perdo le parole” (Riki)
  • New radio “Radio Gamma
  • New event “Mtv Video Music Awards 2019”
  • New “Prudential Center” theater
  • New musical shop “Bottega della musica” brescia
  • Introduced books on the artist Vasco Rossi page, Marco Carta
  • Announcements:
    • New book category introduced
    • Introduced the regions and states of america section

26 August 2019/1 September 2019

  • New song “Teeth
  • General “5SOS” artist page update
  • New song “Cartagena
  • General update of the Ivana Spagna artist page
  • New artist page “Jay Santos”
  • Update Label Label page “Artist First S.r.l.
  • New Piazza Dell’Unificazione D’Italia of Trieste
  • New Piazza Erminio Ferretto Mestre
  • New page place Mirabilandia ravenna
  • New “Nickelodeon SlimFest 2019” Event

19 August 2019 / 25 August 2019

  • New Song “Resulta” (Riki-Reik)
  • Update page “Riki”
  • New artist group page “Reik”
  • New artist group page “Modena City Ramblers
  • New “Festival Show 2019” event
  • New Album “Il Cuore Muove” (Marco carta)
  • Created new artist pages (Pierdavide Carone, Marcella Bella, Soul System, Alvis, Paolo Belli, Fausto Leali, Federica Abbate, Andrea Damante, Leo Gassmann, Neri Per Caso, Ivana Spagna, Alessandro Quaranta, Matteo Markus Bok, Albert)
  • Further improvement and website corrections

29 July 2019/4 July 2019

  • New Song “How Do You Sleep
  • General update of the “Sam Smith” artist page
    1. Update place and date of birth
    2. General update of the securities setting
    3. section “record labels” update
    4. Introduced covers “Album and Singles” artist
    5. Updating contacts and stores
    6. Corrections and improvements on various artist page
  • Further corrections and improvements to the site

21 July 2019/28 July 2019

  • New Song “Tócame
  • New Artist “Pitbull
  • Sony Music Entertainment / Sony Latin page update
  • Elettra Lamborghini page update
  • Various website fixes and improvements.

27 Maggio 2019/2 Giugno 2019

  • Aggiornamento album Zayn Malik
    1 Aggiornamento e correzione descrizione album “Mind Of Mine
    2 Tracklist di Aggiornamento titoli
    3 Introdotta copertina Retro
  • Nuovo singolo “I Don’t Care
    -Nuova pagina artista “Brandon Urie
    -Aggiornamento pagina artista “Brandon Urie”
    1 Introdotto artista correlato “Brandon Urie”
    2 Nuova sezione loghi
  • Aggiornamento pagina artista “Taylor Swift” introdotta nuova categoria (loghi)
  • Pagina artista “Clementino” nuovo album “Tarantella”
    -Aggiornamento pagina artista “J AX” introdotta copertina nuovo singolo “Ostia Lido”
  • Pagina artista “TheGiornalisti” introdotta copertina nuovo singolo “Maradona Y Pelè”, nuova sezione dvd e loghi artista
  • Nuove pagine artista:
    1 Vinicio Capossela
    2 Rammstein
    3 Tish
    4 Izi
    5 Alberto Urso
    6 Billy Ray Cyrus
    7 Lil Nas X
  • Aggiornamento pagina artista “Sfera ebbasta” introdotta copertina singolo “48 H” e nuova categoria logo.
  • Nuova pagina album “Casa”
  • Nuovo singolo “Casa
  • Aggiornamento pagina “Etichetta Discografica” Universal Music Italia introduzione artita “Giordana Angi”
  • Aggiornamento completo “Radio Monte Carlo Italia
  • Home page di aggiornamento mappa
  • Nuovo evento “Radio Italia Live 2019

20 May 2019/26 May 2019

29 April 2019-5 May 2019

April 8, 2014 March 14, 2019

  • New “Events” cover image
  • New artist “Negrita”
  • New single “I Ragazzi Stanno Bene
  • Update page “Coez” Introduced the “Albums”
  • New artist page “Rkomi, Re Mida, Blueface”
  • New song “Mi Farò Trovare Pronto
  • Nek” artist page update
    • Section correction “Record Label”
    • Introduced section Singles, DVD
    • Repositioning “Video” category is now the “DVD” category
    • New “Logos” section
    • Eliminated social network “Google +”
  • New “Radio-TV” “Radio Number One
  • New theater “Mina Mezzadri Santa Chiara
  • Update page “Theaters Italy
  • HomePage page map update
  • New cover image for the “Fabri Fibra” artist page
  • General update of the “Baustelle” artist page
  • New event “Brescia Summer Music 2018
  • General update, bug fixes and website improvements…

1 April 2019/7 April 2019

24 March 2019/31 March 2019

  • Updated record label “Carosello Records” introduced artists (Coez, Diodato, Emis Killa, The Giornalisti)
  • New “Rose Viola” Song
  • Cavalli Musica” shop update / updated contact email.
    -New shop “Rocco Mario Strumenti Musicali
  • Post Malone” artist update
    1 activated comment section
    2 Introduced logos section
    3 Introduced individual covers “Sunflower, Better Now”
    4 Seo improvement
    5 general artist page improvement
  • New artist page “Halsey, Bastille, Brandley Cooper, Sicko Mode”
  • “Lady Gaga” artist page update
    1 new DVD section
    2 new section logos
    3 seo improvements
    4 various improvements
  • General artist page update “Paola Turci”
  • Further corrections and improvements to the website.

18 March 2019 – 24 March 2019

10 March 2019/17 March 2019

  • New song “Senza Farlo Apposta
  • New album page “Truman” – “Truman | Sanremo Edition” – “L’altra Parte”
  • “Irraggiungibile” single page update (ShadeFederica Carta) is now part of the “Truman | Sanremo Edition” album
  • New Song “Aspetto Che Torni” (Francesco Renga)
  • “Francesco Renga” Artist page update
    • Update section “Record labels”
    • Update section “Social Network” deleted Google +
    • New category “Published Single / published dvd”
    • Updating the album section
    • update of the events section
    • all “Music Streaming” services included
    • “Other Artists” section introduced “Timoria” group with relative page creation
    • introduced artist country map
  • New Single “Domani 21/04.2019
  • New event “Amici per L’abruzzo
  • New artist page “Baustelle, Gianni Morandi”
  • New page “Officine Meccaniche” recording studio

1 March 2019/10 March 2019

25 February 2019/3 March 2019

18 FEBRUARY 2019/24 FEBRUARY 2019

Update 10 February 2019 – 17 February 2012

  • Sony Music Entertainment” Record Label Update
  • New “Soldi” Song (Mahmood)
  • Mahmood” artist page update
  • Creation of the “Coez” art page
  • Update page category letters “C” (all the logos have been aligned in the middle of the page for a simpler understanding)
  • New artist page “Ferruko”
  • New artist page “Ava Max”
  • General update of the artist page “Pedró Capo”
  • New “Dark Polo Gang” artist page
  • New artist page “Capo Plaza”
  • General update of the “Ultimo” artist page
    • Introduced new category “DVD”
    • Introduced category “Albums and Singles” with own images covers
    • Introduced event “Sanremo 2019”
  • Creation of event page “Premio Lunezia 2018
  • New “Salmo” artist page
  • “Luchè” artist page update
    • “Stam Fort” single cover insertion
    • New category “DVD”
  • Updating of the artist page “” Ariana Grande
    • Insert single cover
    • Introduced DVD category
    • Activated comment section
  • New artist page “Ozuna”
  • Creation of the “Colpa Delle Favole” album page (Ultimo)
  • New single “I Tuoi Particolari” (Ultimo)
  • New “Honiro” label page
  • New “Ultimo” artist page
  • General update “Capodanno con Gigi D’Alessio 2014”
  • New Album page “Ragazza Di Periferia
  • Update of the artist page “Anna Tatangelo
  • general arrangement of the album section
  • New event “Grammy Awards 2019
  • News: Introduced pages squares of events (Piazza del Popolo, Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, Piazza Gino Menconi)
  • Further improvements and general website correction

1 February 2019/10 January 2019

Update 28 January 2019/3 February 2019

  • New “Paralysed” Song (Union J)
  • update artist page Union J
    • New Cover Image
    • New temporary profile image
    • update of group components data
    • update “Related Artists” category
  • New song “Anche Fragile” (Elisa)
  • Modified “Eurovision Song Contest 2018” event page
    • By-product new DVD section
    • updated and improved event description section
    • Update artist events logo with new artist introduction “Benjamin Ingrosso”
    • correct artist logo “Cesár Sampson
  • Update category letter “C
  • New website introduced the “Teatri Tabs”
  • New Song “Perchè Non Amici” (Casillo Andrea)
  • Update artist page “Alessandro Casillo
    • Insert new single “Perchè Non Amici”
    • Updated and corrected “Record Label” section of the artist.
    • Introduced new Category “DVD”
    • Updated single cover “Nothing to Miss” has now been added to the official single.
    • Introduced DVD “Io Canto”
    • Introduced service “Music Streaming”
  • Inserted and updated description “Independent Record Label” Artist First s.r.l. “
  • Update Record label “Carosello Records” with artist elimination “Alessandro casillo”
  • Updated album image “Sanremo 2012”
  • Updated map home page clickartist.one
  • Updated album “Diari Aperti” introduced the video of the song “Anche Fragile” (Elisa)
  • New “Rosso Relativo” Album (Tiziano Ferro)
  • Tiziano Ferro” artist update
    1Introduced artist country map
    2New category “DVD”
    3 SEO page improvement
    4 update “Record Label” category with relative dates
  • Updated, improved and publicized the gloomy pages (Teatro Storchi, Ariston, Teatro Carani)
  • New event site page “American Airlines Arena
  • New event “Premio Lo Nuestro 2018
  • Website theme update from version 4.1.276 to version 4.1.27
  • Update plugin and theme one.com version 0.3.7

Update 21 January 2019/27 January 2019

  • New song “Per La strada Una Canzone ” (Eros Ramazzotti)
  • Update page Eros Ramazzotti
    • Upgrade “Record Label” category
    • Introduced new section “DVD”
    • Inserted Albums and Singles
    • Correct category “Artist Name, Activity Date.
    • Inserted the streaming Music channels to buy and listen to the artist
    • Elimination of the Vevo channel
  • Luis Fonsi” artist page update
    • Inserted web site
    • inserted Social Network
    • Insert new single “For Le Strade Una Canzone” in collaboration with Eros Ramazzotti
    • Insert Video Channel
    • Additional updates and improvements to the page
  • Demi Lovato” artist page update
    • Inserted single cover
    • Deleted the “Language and Date Update” section as previously provided for all the artist pages previously.
  • Update “Alex Palmieri” page
    • Added new category “DVD”
  • Click Artist Menu “Music Theater” simply becomes “Theater”
  • Update of the “Eurovision Song Contest 2018” album page
  • For a better organization and speed now the albums and DVDs of the events will be specified in the name of the page URL
  • New Melodifestival 2018 event
  • New artist “Benjamin Ingrosso
  • We have introduced a further innovation in the main menu of the website you will find two new categories under Artist (Album / Dvd) if you like it please let us know in the comments

Update January 14,2019 / January 20,2019

  • New song “No Place”. (Backstreet Boys)
  • Activated Page Comments.
    • Elisa
    • Duet Tutti Cantano Cristina
    • Piccola Anima
    • Premio Pierangelo Bertoli 2016
    • Sanremo 2015
    • Sanremo 2016
    • Tim Mtv Awards 2017
    • Voodo Love
    • Wind Capodanno In Musica
  • Corrtta The cover “Un Altra Volta da Rischia”.
  • Youtube official channel created the 2019 Playlist
  • Updated the “Click Artist” logo after the one dedicated to Christmas parties (Now instead of the square version for the website we opted for the extended version with transparent background all this has served to make the logo clearer and appropriate to the rest of the site) .
  • New Event “Festival Da Canção 2018“.
  • Updated “Marco Carta” artist page.
    • Various updates and page improvement
    • New DVD section.
    • New Event “Tale E Quale Show”.
  • Updating of “Record Labels” page.
  • New Record Label Warner Music Spain.
    Warner Logos Update and related record labels (Now the logos are square and are + homogeneous to the rest of the website).
    Further Improvements and Website Corrections.

7 January 2019/13 January 2019

Update January 2,2018/ January 6,2018

Updates December 10,2018/ December 16,2018

  • New Song “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” (Mark RonsonMiley Cyrus)
  • New Artist “Miley Cyrus
  • Updated artist page “Mark Ronson
    • New Category “Singles”
    • Deleting Channel “Vevo”
    • Introduction “YouTube” channel
    • Introduced country map
    • Correct category Artist in that page so as to make them in order of the list below each other
  • Introduced the gradient layont in channel videos “YouTube”, with increased flow rate from 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Updated map “Click Artist” in the homepage with introduction of yellow in the names artists and various other changes for improvement.
  • Fully updated the comment section “Disqus” and fixed a bug that did not see the section on the site.
  • Improvement concerning the comments we made available the new “Reactions” where clicking on an emotion you can express an opinion relates to a specific page.
  • Fixed the section concerning social sharing buttons (Deleted print key, links, Google +) (introduced Pinterest)

Update  December 3,2018/Decenmber 9,2018

  • New Song “Con Una Foto Di James Dean” (Sonohra)
  • Update “The Voice of italy 2014” with introduction cover image previously absent.
  • New Artist “Tom Walker
  • New album “Atlantico”(Marco Mengoni)
  • Artist page “Marco Mengoni”
    • Introduced the album “Atlantico
    • Introduction single “ Hola (I Say”)
    • new single category
    • deleted video channel vevo
    • deleted channel social network “google + “
  • Introduced in the new website cateoria “Album” and singles post death 
  • Introduced in website the ability for users to subscribe to the “Newsletter”
  • Updated website “Click Artist ” to WordPress 5.0
  • The sections Pree/News of the website becomes simply “Press
  • The section named “Newsletter” becomes section “Contact
  • P.S. further updates and improvements website.

Update November 26,2018 / December 2,2018

Update November 19,2018 / November 25 ,2018

  • New Song (Bon Jovi)
  • New Album “Be Here-Boom Edition “
  • General update artist page “Bon Jovi”
  • The Blog ClickArtist is officially connected to the web site www.socialartist.it
  • Updated HomePage deleted the section dedicated to tag the articles in the blog.
  • Website Menu reorganization.
  • Social networks: ClickArtist facebook group
  • Deleted the registration screen to the social network facebook. at the entrance to the website
  • Updated page song “Despacito Remix” introduced the official video, updated the lyrics and inserted text authors.
  • Artist page “Young Thug” entered the category artist.
  • Introduced group profile picture “BTS”
  • Introduced cover image (BTS)
  • introduced “” Name Stage-Introduced “Website”
  • Introduced event “American Music Awards”
  • Full update artist page (Post Malone)
  • Introduced Event “American Music Awards” (Migos)
  • -General update page (Kane Brown)

Update November 12,2018/November 18,2018

Update November 5, 2018/November 11, 2018

  • Update Sonohra page
  • Update individual category (SONOHRA)
  • Update Logo profile comments
  • New artist “Post Malone “
  • New group “Migos “
  • New artist “Kane Brown “
  • New artist “Florida George Line ” and new logo 2018
  • New artist “Cardi b “-New event “American Music Awards 2018 “
  • New artist “Kalid “
  • New artist “XXX tentaction “
  • New artist “Young Thug “
  • New artist logo “Lauren daigle “
  • Corrected Ult song page “Havana ” which was not related to the artist and the aforementioned album.
  • New Album “Kane Brown “
  • New single “Heaven “
  • New album “Invasion Of Privacy ” (Cardi B)
  • New single “Dodak Yellow “
  • New single “Finesse “

Update 29 October 2018/4 November 2018

  • Update Events page.
  • Enabled comments on the articles page.
  • New song “Universale ” Benji & Fede
  • Page update “Benji & Fede “
  • Introduced new singles and albums on the page “Benji & Fede “
  • New album “Siamo Solo Noise | Limited Edition-new category “Blog ” Social Artist “International Music “

Update 22 October 2019/ 28 October 2018

-Introduced new song “Avril lavigne “- “Head Above Water “
-Artist page update “Avril Lavigne “
-New artist page “Nomads
-Update premium “Lunezia 2012 ” Fixed image error cover not viewable.
-Home Page update
-New event “Premio pierangelo Bertoli” 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017
-Update category page “Events “
-To improve the speed and loading of the site I proceeded to delete the plugin “G translated” that allowed to translate the site in different languages because currently all major browsers allow you to translate the pages automatically with appropriate Translator extensions.

Updated 24 September 2018 /30 September 2018

  • New page song “Tutto Tua Madre” (J AX)
  • Updated page  “J” record labels page/aggiornamento Ax  “/eliminazione” social network “Google + “/Introduzione category “singles”/. (J Ax)-Update record page  “Sony Music Entertainment Italy “
  • Updated record label “Newtopia ” eliminated J Ax
  • Page Shawn Mendes new category “singles”/Introdotto new song “In My Blood”
  • New song “In My Blood” (Shawn Mendes)
  • New artist “Bebe Rexton “
  • Update letter “B” with introducing new artist.
  • Update Record page  “Warner Bros”.

Updated 17 September 2018/23 September 2018

  • Updated page  “5 Second Of Summer” (correct category label)
  • Updated page  “Labels” (Capitol Records)
  • Updated Capitol Records UK with introducing artists “Sam Smith-5 Second of Summer.
  • Created page album “Youngblood” (5 Second Of Summer )
  • Fixed bug page labels that were visible in search results.
  • Create page new song “Back To You” ( Selena Gomez)
  • Updated page  “Selena Gomez” update/nuova record labels category section albums, singles, events/vevo channel deleted/deleted category bar.Update  ( Selena Gomez)

Update 10 September, 2018/16 September 2018

  • Update artist page  “Second of Summer ” inserted album cover images and singles.
  • New category  “Store “
  • Full Update “Music Streaming” section
  • page creation new song  “La Soluzione ” (Laura Pausini)
  • Update page Laura Pausini
  • Update Album page facts feel introduced video song  “La Soluzione ” and inserted in track list the ending 5 extract
  • Update URL error texts and artist pages
  • Union J Correct URL error (Union J)

Update 3 September 2018 /9 September 2018

  • Creating new page song “Dancing”. (Union J)
  • General update Homepage.
  • Update artist page  “Union J “: (Union J)
  • -Introduced new single “Dancing”.
  • Updated page “Events”:
  • -Introduced the Teen Choice Awards 2018
  • -Introduced Beats Live 2018
  • -Introduced Festival Show 2018
  • -Mtv Video Music Awards.
  • Updated event page  “Teen Choice Awards 2018 “
  • -Introduced authors winning songs.
  • -General update write page
  • -more improvements and fixes.
  • Creating new page song “Perfect”  (Ed Sheeran)
  • Update artist page  “Ed Sheeran “
  • -Introduced single “Perfect”
  • -Introduction covers  “Perfect Remix” Andrea Boccelli-Beyoncé
  • Creating new page song “Havana” (Camila Cabello)
  • Update artist page  “5 Second of Summer” (5 Second Of Summer)
  • -Deleting the Member section
  • -Introduced section website
  • Additional fixes and improvements website.

Update 27 Agugust 2018/ 2 September 2018

  • New Song “Complici”
  • Updated Advertising page
  • New albums page  “Cenerentola”
  • Deleted Advertising page category E
  • Modified Cover Image (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • Fixed error flag European Union (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • update category artist (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • updated events section with an introduction date of Birth (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • updated events section with introduction X-Factor 2010, Amici Di Maria De Filippi and creating their pages. (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • Update Category Labels (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • Deleted Category Number Album (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • Full update section  “Music Streaming” (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • New section “Albums” and “Singles” (Enrico Nigiotti)
  • Update category section “Individual” and “Album” Introduction Video category of Youtube Channel (Gianna Nannini)
  • Delete channel Vevo (Gianna Nannini)

Update 30 June 2018/5 August 2018

  • Update page artist Ellie Goulding
  • Update profile image size setting (Ellie Goulding)
  • Delete category number album (Ellie Goulding)
  • Delete Google + social networks (Ellie Goulding)
  • Introducing new categories (albums, singles, related artists, events, Store) (Ellie Goulding)
  • Update Category Contacts (Ellie Goulding)
  • Enabled the comments section. (Ellie Goulding)
  • New 2011 Event Page Amici Di Maria De Filippi 2011
  • New Page Artist Virginio
  • New Song “Semplifica” (Virginio)
  • Deleted advertising on the page dedicated to record labels
  • Updated Sanremo 2006 Logo
  • Updated Menu letter V
  • Upgrading menagement IMean Music & Menagement record label and with the introduction of Virgilio
  • Deleted advertising page Music Competition
  • New Page Claudio Baglioni
  • New page “50 Anni Al Centro” Album
  • Update page artist Alvaro Soler
  • Introduction category albums, singles (Alvaro Soler)
  • Enabled the comments section page (Alvaro Soler)

Update 23 june 2018/29 June 2018

  • Clickartist Global Map Update on the homepage.-New artist Cristina D’Avena introduced
    -Update placeholder icon: Union J – Ellie Goulding – Jaims Blunt – Jastin Bieber – Valerio Scanu – Michele Bravi – Michele Perniola – Marco Mengoni – Enrico Nigiotti – Irene Fornaciari -Irene Grandi – The Script – Paola Turci
  • New Artist Muse (Muse)
  • Event Update TRL Award 2010 With the introduction of all the artists who took part in the event. proceeded to insert the following event in the artist pages
  • Enabled comments in artist page Malika Ayane (Malika Ayane)
  • Updated full page artist Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber)
  • New Moscow Mule | Acoustic Version (Benji & Fede)
  • Update page Benji & Fede
  • Completed page Albun Fatti Sentire (Laura Pausini)
  • Further improvements and stability fixes

Update 16 June 2018/22 July 2018

  • New song “Alive ” (Union J)
  • New record label “RU Listening Ltd
  • General update with introduction of new record labels on the above page
  • Update of record labels with the introduction in the name of the country of provenance.
  • Updating profile image (Union J)
  • Embellishment image cover (Union J)
  • Update dates of birth conmponenti musical group. (Union J)
  • Delete Residency category. (Union J)
  • Update Components musical group (Union J)
  • Update current record label deleting category no music albums. (Union J)
  • Enabled comments in the artist Page “Union J ” (Union J)
  • Introduction Category Album and individual new artist logo “Union J ” (Union J)
  • Update category “Contacts and Store ” (Union J)
  • Updating profile image George Shelley 2018 (George Shelley)
  • Introduction of all the artist categories.(George Shelley)
  • New song “Sconosciuti Da Una Vita ” (JAX – Fedez)
  • New record label “Newtopia
  • Update artist page “JAX – Fedez ” With introduction category “Record label” (JAX – Fedez)
  • Introduction Video Channel (JAX – Fedez)
  • Introduction Albums and Singles (JAX – Fedez)
  • New single ” Riccione ” (Thegiornalisti)
  • New Album “Duets | Everyone sings Cristina” (Cristina D’Avena)
  • New Artist Cristina D’Avena
  • Event Update Wind Music Awards 2018
  • Sony Music Entertainment Italy Record Label update
  • Further improvements and stability fixes

Update 9 June 2018/15 July 2018

  • Update Home Page
  • New Song “Nuevo” (laura pausini)
  • New song “Frasi A Metà” (Laura Pausini)
  • New Album “Novo” (Laura Pausini)
  • Laura Pausini Page Comments Enabled (Laura Pausini)
  • Updated Events Section Page “Guè Pequeno” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New Song “Milionaire” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Updated Newsletter Page now without advertising that made it difficult to subscribe to our understanding.
  • Chat assistance clickartist.one updated with new graphics and improved in settings.
  • New Song “Lamborghini RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New Song “Lamborghini German RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • New song “Lamborghini Swiss RMX” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Updated page “Sfera Ebbasta” with introduction new category “Singles” various fixes and enhancements page “Sfera Ebbasta” (Sfera Ebbasta)
  • Update page “Elettra Lamborghini ” with introduction cover image and profile picture, updated the events and further improvements and fixes. (Elettra Lamborghini)
  • Updated page “Wind Summer Festival 2018
  • General update website with rss introduction.
  • Update albums page “Siamo Solo Noise | Delux Edition “now the visibility of the image album is larger, complete all texts with related video album. (Benji & Fede)
  • New Song “Moscow Mule” (Benji & Fede)
  • Update album “Siamo Solo Noise” with completion intro songs and videos. (Benji& Fede)
  • Update page “Benji & Fede” (Benji&Fede)
  • Updated page “Laura Pausini” (Laura Pausini)
  • Full update blog
  • General update page “Guè Pequeno ” (Guè Pequeno)
  • Additional fixes and improvements of the website

Update 2 June 2018/8 July 2018

  • In this week we have focused on the development of a new brand clickartist.one / that will be published soon.
  • Fixes errors and various enhancements.

Update 25 June 2018 /1 July 2018

  • New  album page “Wanted” insertion image covers album singles in artist insertion new event Wind Music Awards 2018 ( Zucchero )
  • Introduction Web site UfficialeAggiornamento Social Network ( Zucchero )
  • New Single Category ( Zucchero )
  • Update Video Channels ( Zucchero )
  • Accommodation link album error 404 update album category (Fabrizio Moro)
  • Further improvements and fixes
  • Special Pride Week 2018

Update 18 June 2018/24 June 2018

  • Nickelodeon Page Creation SlimFest 2018
  • New Artist Pages
    Artists:Biondo, Federica Carta, Mosè, Elettra Lamborghini”
    Events:Amici Di Maria De Filippi 2018
  • Update menu artist “B-F-M-L “
  • Update Maria De Filippi’s friends page 2017
  • Update song page “Irraggiungibile” have now activated the profile page artist ” Federica Carta “
  • Page “Rocco Hunt” the “category ” is now right-aligned, adding events, introducing albums, further improvements and fixes.
  • Sony Music Italy page update with the introduction of the artist “Rocco Hunt”
  • Fixed error link artists list “Festival Show 2017 “
  • Further improvements and site fixes.

Update 11 June 2018/17 June 2018

  • Correction Map view page “Sony Music Latin ” Now the satellite map is displayed.
  • Update map on the Homepage
  • Insertion of new advertising badges.
  • Updated the advertising page with Linserimento of all the companies present in the advertisements on their site.
  • Song of the week Alessandro Casillo with its dedicated page and update artist page.
  • Updated CNCO page with insert album and singles section
  • More news and site fixes

Update 4 June 2018/10 June 2018

  • Correction link artist Riki on the label page “Sony Music Italy ” (Major: Sony Music Entertainment) clicking on the profile image refers to the page dedicated to the artist “Francesco Renga ”
  • New Page CNCO
  • Update and Introduzzione in the list “record labels ” of the “Carousel Records ”
  • Update and fix Errors Riki artist page: Activated the comments section, introduced the Album and singles section.
  • Further fixes and various improvements.

Update 28 May 2018/3 June 2018

  • Artist of the Week “Backstreet Boys“
  • Song of the Week: Don’t Go breaking My Heart insertion in map Home Page artist “Backstreet Boys “
  • Home Page Update
  • Update category letter “B “
  • Update record label “Sony Music Entertainment – RCA Records ” With the introduction of the Backstreet Boys Group
  • Fixed error with event “Levi’s Onstage Awards 2018 ” and RELATED links.
  • Further improvements and fixes.

Update 21 May 2018/27 May 2018

  • Artist of the Week “Nero Bali | Elodie, Michele Bravi, Guè Pequeno “
  • Update record label “Panik Record” with new artist introduction “Eleni Foureira” and update artist page.
  • Update event page “Eurovision Song Contest 2018“
  • Introduction artist “Eleni Foureira” in the artist menu letters E
  • New song “Fuego“
  • Introducing PopHp Facebook to be able to follow the page Facebook Click Artist
  • Post Blog URL substitution for quick intuition and better indexing of web search engines, now in the URL will be visible the same name of the article
  • Social Network Facebook: All articles published in Click Artist Blog will be published in the homonymous group Uggiciale Facebook
  • Migliramenti and Correzuioni Miscellaneous.

Update 14 May 2018/20 May 2018

  • Video of the week “Toy” by the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
  • Page creation :
    Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2018
    Album:Eurovision Song Contest 2018
    Song:Toy, Toy Remix, Toy Remix 2
    Artist: Netta
  • New page dedicated to the record label “Tedy Productions“
  • Click Artist Map Update on the Homepage
  • Update page “Le Deva ”
  • With edit to the section: Music Streaming and new single introduction ” L’Estate Tutto L’anno“
  • New song of the band “Le Deva ” entitled “L’Estate Tutto L’Anno” (May 18, 2018)
  • Correction section “Music Theatre” with unification of Portugal in Europe
  • Introduced the EU abbreviation in the descriptions of the Logos “Music Theatre” of the European Union
  • Update page “Music Theaters” with the introduction of:

DirecTV Arena | AR
Allianz Parque | ARG
Jeunesse Arena | BR
Movistar Arena | SANTIAGO CL/UE
Palacio Vistalegre Arena | MADRID ES/UE
3 Arena Pantone | DUBLIN IE/EU
Lotto Arena Antewerpen BE/UE
Alcatraz Milano | MILAN ITA/UE
Saint Jordi Club | BARCELLONA ES/EU
Arena CD De Mexico | MX
Arena Monterrey | MX
Hallenstadion | CH
California Mid State Fair | USA
Metro Radio Arena | NEWCASTLE UK
Arena Birmingham | BIRMINGHAM UK
The O2 Arena | UK
Wembley Stadium UK

Update 7 May 2018/13 May 2018

  • Update Click Artist
  • New song page “Non Te be vai Mai“
  • Introduced the album “Thomas 18 Edition”
  • Update page artist “Thomas“
  • Update page “Music Theaters” with the introduction of:

Creberg Teatro Bergamo | BERGAMO ITA,
Gran Teatro Morato | BRESCIA ITA,
Teatro Della Luna | MILAN ITA,
Teatro Del Verme | MILAN ITA,
Nelson Mandela Forum | FLORENCE ITA,
Mediolanum Forum | ASSAGO ITA,
Teatro Manzoni | MILAN ITA,
Unipol Arena | BOLOGNA ITA,
Kioene Arena | PADUA ITA,
Teatro Degli Arcimboldi | MILAN ITA

  • Website Update – Motto Introduction (version: Web, Mobile)
  • Update page Info section “Plugin”

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